Delivery Time: 0-10 Minutes

Price: $ 37.4

Steps to Update/Renew Support Infinity Box for 1 Year to use Chinese Miracle 2:

Step 1: Download Dongle Manager from HERE.

Step 2: Open Dongle manager and read correct serial number.

Step 3: Complete the form which includes your Serial Number and your E-mail to receive update confirmation.

Step 4: Wait until receiving the confirmation email that your infinity Box has been updated (take 0-10 Minutes). Done ! you can use Chinese Miracle2.

Product Description.

Correct Serial Format

28312ABC  = ✔

AB80CDEF = ✔

48AB7C01  = ✔

Wrong Serial Formats 

28312abc     = ✘

AB80-CDEF = ✘

48AB7c01    = ✘

Infinity-Box 1 year Updates/Support Renew, Chinese Miracle-2 included
This service will activate CM2 soctwares and 1 year support at your infinity Box only


Please do not submit CM2 Dongle or Best Dongle Serial in this service.