Delivery Time: 0-10 minutes

Price: $ 37.5

Steps to Purchase LGE Credits for unlock and repair :

Step 1: Choose service LGE Credits 1 Packet (100 credits per each) from product list.

Step 2: Complete the form which includes your Serial Number and E-Mail to receive confirmation.

Step 3: Wait until receiving the confirmation email that your credits has been added (take 0-10 Minutes) .

Products Description.

LGTool Server Credits are designed to service, unlock and repair most of GSM and CDMA LG, HTC, Motorola, Alcatel, BlackBerry, ZTE, Sony Ericsson and other phones, from the simplest models to the top-level smartphones and tablets.

Please note that you'll need to have LGtool Remote Services Activation and active and registered SE Tool Smart-Card in order to use LGTool Online Services.


LGTool Server Credits - Consumption Policy

Phones 10 free credits daily for each card Additional credits
Minimum order 100 credits
BlackBerry (direct) Not supported 20 credits
HTC 6 free credits 2 credits
HTC Exclusive Not supported 5 credits
LG 4 free credits 1 credit
LG 2013 Not supported 1 credit
Motorola 2 free credit 2 credits
SE Exclusive Not supported 2 credits
Alcatel 0 credits (Unlimited)

Please note that you should provide us your SE Tool smart-card's serial number while placing the order.