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Price: $ 0.5

Service provides a simple GSX Carrier/Sim-Lock report status for Apple GSM devices.

Note: If Sim-Lock is Unlocked the Carrier will show Unlocked value only.

Reply Sample:

Model: iPhone 8 Plus Gold 64GB (iPhone10,2)
IMEI: 3567150847525XX
MEID: 35671508475257
Serial Number:FD8VG2WDJCM1
Locked Carrier: US Sprint/MVNO Locked Policy
Country: United States
Simlock Status: Locked


Model: iPhone 6s Space Gray 32GB (iPhone8,1)
IMEI: 3549550737601XX
MEID: 354955073760XX
Serial Number: FFMTT5QLHFLM
Simlock Status: Unlocked