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 Steps to Unlock Alcatel One Touch New 2013 Using IMEI:

Step 1: Choose your Phone official carrier from products list

Step 2: Complete the form which includes your IMEI number and your E-mail to receive Your Alcatel Factory Unlock Code New 2013.

Step 3: Wait until receiving the confirmation email that your Alcatel Factory Unlock Code New 2013. 

Supported models list.

Alcatel 970 975 993 995 4005 4007 4007D 4010 4010D 4010E 4010X
Alcatel 4011 4012 4015 4018 4030 4030D 4030E 4033 4301
Alcatel 5020 5020D 5020E 5021 5035 5185 6010 6030 6033 6040
Alcatel 7025 8000 8008 8020 8020D J210 S820 S850 V875 V975 
Alcatel Y900 Y910 Y910T
Orange San Remo Kivo Yomi
Vodafone 785 875 975
Vodafone Smart3 Smart4
Vodafone Smart Mini
Etc ...



Instructions for get SecRO from phone :
- Power on phone and press *#837# or *#3228#
- List will be shown in phone, search name that starts for "X" letter
- Write this info in the field SRO that you will be asked
With this we already get SRO, so only rest to introduce model and imei.
After press calculate, and server will give us codes in few seconds.
Instructions for get PROVIDER from phone :
ProviderID is under the battery, located in the label of the phone (near imei)
Example (and image) :  "800X-2ARGES3"
ProviderID instructions