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Steps to Unlock Alcatel One Touch All Models all Carriers/Country through Provider ID Using IMEI:

Step 1: Choose your Phone official carrier from products list

Step 2: Complete the form which includes your IMEI number, Select Brand ,Alcatel , Select Model you want to unlock , Select country ,Select Provider you want to unlock and enter your E-mail to receive Your Unlock Alcatel one touch code..

Step 3: Wait until receiving the confirmation email that your Unlock Alcatel One Touch code.(take hours to few days – depends on your Phone official carrier)

Step 4: You hove to insert non accepted sim card and switch on the phone and Enber code .Your phone is unlocked now . Done!

Instructions for get PROVIDER ID from phone :
ProviderID is under the battery, located in the label of the phone (near imei)
Example (and image) :  "800X-2ARGES3"
ProviderID instructions