z3x samsung tool pro 

Z3x Samsung Tool Pro Activation

z3x Samsung Pro Tool activation allow you to sw update/change, full factory reset, switch phone to download mode, read/write calibration data files, direct unlock/read codes, FRP remove,repair, SN, DRK , Bluetooth etc. for 95% Samsung phones.

Also with Samsung Editor you can change language and other resources in many CDMA and GSM Samsung phones.
Samsung Tool Pro has started from 20.5 software version and this is continue of Samsung Tool.

Software GUI features:
– Multilingual software interface: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Hungarian…
– build in firmware download manager;
– build in manual for each phone;
– skin selecting;
– short/normal phone models selecting;
– history of each operation;
– settings.

Key software features:

Read device information
Every important bit of information and device status can be read directly from the phone, for example: the serial number, factory data, hardware data, etc.

Update software
The most common uses for this function are either upgrades to new firmware versions or downgrades to older ones. Sometimes it is used to change or add languages. In 90% of the cases, most of the restart, freeze and no-boot errors are solved after a software update of this type.

Direct unlock
As we mentioned before, there are two ways to remove the network locks: to direct unlock and to read out the unlock code. This feature is designed to avoid having to do any extra steps after the successful completion of the process; the device can be used immediately with the SIM card of any provider.

Read codes
This functioncan successfully read the code stored in the phone.

Backup & Restore
We are trying to create backups automatically before each critical part of the process; this is a functionality which provides extra safety.

– Read codes via server from New Security Shannon based phones.
– Read codes via serve from New Qualcomm based phones.

Supports files:
– More than 12 Tb flash files
– Flash files for all regions
– Daily update flash files
– Fast download server